Organizations We Are Proud To Support

From serving our country, to helping us others who serve for us



Support A Soldier is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charity that takes requests from deployed troops worldwide for non-lethal equipment that will help to make them safer, more efficient, and/or more comfortable in their austere environments. We provide support for our troops by taking donations from patriotic contributors who want to see their service members succeed in their missions and come home safely.

We are an excellent military support channel and provide key equipment to service members who are deployed in harm's way. Whether you'd like to adopt a soldier you know or donate to our general fund, your donation will undoubtedly help someone in need.


Angels of America's Fallen

We empower the children to participate in healing developmental activities such as sports,music, and other arts as positive outlets for their grief during their entire childhood. The activities already exist in their communities and have coaches or instructors who can help provide some positive mentoring the children are missing without the guidance and support of their fallen hero. We encourage the children to try as many activities as needed to find a passion that fits them at their current stage of development, and to change their activity if their interests vary while they grow.

We support them through a long-term commitment to see them engaged all year, every year, all the way through 18 years old without having to reapply. We pay for the activities, but our support is much more than just writing checks; we follow up to encourage the children and share in celebrating their successes throughout each year. This long-term engagement is crucial for creating true lasting positive impact,and helps them develop their own personal identity, increase self-confide.